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BIMsolar: Solar Architecture & BIPV

NZEB, Solar Architecture…
BIPV is for the future of buildings

EnerBIM is the leader for BIM+BIPV solutions to reduce costs and support decision from early design stages to manufacturing, installation and operation.

EnerBIM is involved in several innovative projects related to this industry.

Building- and infrastructure-integrated PV are technologically proven solutions. However, integrated PV (IPV) is still a niche market. Several barriers are still preventing the massive integration of PV into buildings and infrastructure.

The project MASS-IPV has been conceived as a multidisciplinary action that connects key players along PV and construction value chain. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that suitable tools, technologies, and methods, combined with a collaboration framework among key stakeholders, can overcome the barriers preventing the mass-deployment of IPV and deliver multifunctional and cost-effective IPV systems for building and infrastructures. The demonstration will be carried out through six different built objects, which encompass different construction typologies in five different locations in Europe.

The main objective for EnerBIM and the WP4 stakeholders is to support the expansion & cost-reduction of BIPV through digitalization, working at both ends of the value chain: City modelling with BIM and the BIMsolar Digital Twin innovation for Operation & Maintenance.

To mirror the variety of involved actors and ensure realistic perspectives, MASS-IPV is a multidisciplinary action that connects key players along the IPV and construction value chains. The consortium includes 16 partners, 3 associated partners and one affiliated entity from renowned research institutions, software developers, building planners, as well as manufacturers of innovative PV modules, façade cladding technologies and PV mounting systems. The industrial participation in the project is very high. 12 European companies, 7 of which are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are partners in the project. Overall, 8 European countries are represented in the consortium.

The highly demanding complexity of addressed problems (financial, regulatory, societal, environmental, and technical barriers for IPV, as described in the state-of-the-art part) is also reflected in the specific objectives of this project. Only a multidimensional and modular set of innovations can address the call topic and the EU climate target initiatives.

BIPVBOOST : BIM based platform to support BIPV costs reduction

Bringing down costs of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions and processes along the value chain, enabling the compliance with the main market requirements and contributing to a widespread implementation in nZEBs.

The main objective for EnerBIM and the WP6 stakeholders is to support the
cost-reduction of BIPV through the digitalization, optimization of the process
and the management of data along the value-chain, from pre-design to operation
& maintenance phases. 

BIPVBOOST will implement short-and medium-term cost reduction roadmaps along the BIPV value chain by means of:

  • • Flexible and automated BIPV manufacturing process
  • • Large portfolio of multifunctional BIPV products
  • • Digitalized process and energy management system along the value chain
  • • Advanced standardization activities supporting the qualification of BIPV systems for a massive implementation in the building skin

BIM4REN: BIM based tools for fast & efficient renovation

The construction sector and specially SME contractors all around Europe can be key actors of both the green and digital revolution, by considering them alongside building residents, as a fundamental part of the new open innovation trends underpinning co-design and co-creation of the built environment.

At BIM4Ren we know that more energy-efficient buildings require innovative and adapted methods and tools for construction professionals, especially SMEs, and efficient, collaborative processes throughout the construction value chain.

The Digitalization Challenge

Our project is re-defining digital ready renovation workflows adapted to the construction sector needs then elaborates an open, decentralized BIM environment as strong innovative basis for the core developments.

Methodologies, processes and hard technologies will be developed for data collection, data management and data driven design.

Finally a One Stop Access Platform will integrate all technologies as a single entry point to all end users. Impact will be ensured through standardization activities, training of handcrafters and SMEs and demonstration on pilots used as living labs.

PVSITES : new products and BIPV models

Building-Integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment.

Building life-cycle evolutionary Design methodology able to create Energy-efficient Buildings flexibly connected with the neighborhood energy system

EnerBIM is an historical and technological partner for  CADCAMation (leading PVSITES work package WP7)

More BIM Innovations implemented into BIMsolar, such as Autodesk REVIT plugins.

CN-BIMES: Innovative project supported by ADEME / GREENTECH VERTE

BIM log for improved life cycle management of the buildings

MERUBBI: Innovative project supported by ANR

Bioclimatic Building within its block – Managed by EDF R&D